How To Install Git on Ubuntu Machine

Introduction How to Install Git on Ubuntu is necessary requirement of a beginner LAMP Developer. Git is a version control System. Git helps you to manage your application code at source level. You can track changes, revert to previous stages, and branch to create alternate versions of files and directories. In this guide we will

From and To date field setup in JQuery UI Datepicker

JQuery UI DatePicker JQuery UI Datepicker is a jQuery Plugin and mostly used option for making date type text field. JQuery UI Date picker has many functions, event, the trigger that previously build and we can reuse them and do the stuff we want quickly. I am sure till now you have searched about Date picker,

Git Cherry-Pick Command

Sometimes some of the branches in your git repository are not in use. We can’t merge them in master and the end action to remove them to clean our repository. When we need Cherry-pick command we check those Old branches we found several commits are useful that we can pick and use in our latest

Start Stop Youtube Video with External Buttons

In This Article you will get a easy way to start and stop youtube video with external link/button click. But before that let see .. How to add Youtube video in HTML? Implementing Youtube videos on HTML web page is an easy task. Just copy paste Embed link of youtube video on your HTML page

How to Plan Your Day Effectively

We always weak up in morning with full of physical and mental energy. But as we go with our day we feel lost, tired, washed up. Why? Why?  Why? …… Ans:  It is only because we not organize our day properly.   Not agree with me? Let me explain you ….. What is Mind ?

Roadmap to becoming a web developer in 2017

If you want to be a successful web developer then roadmap is live now for all those. who want to accomplish there dreams in Web Development, Web Designing, Dev Ops. check the link for detail information

Type of Cache in WordPress

WordPress Cache Type There are following types of Cache we can implement to make our website Super Faster Increase search engine ranking Increase performance User friendly Page Cache: Page Cache refer to Caching pages in the html file. and serve the cached file to a user on recurrent request. Object Cache: WordPress inbuild has a feature of caching

Buddypress Notification Plugin

This is a news to all BuddyPress lover and Users. I have just uploaded a New and my first plugin in WordPress directory for BuddyPress notification. Buddy Notification Bell User Experience we see the notification on the social network usually comes with some ping alert  (Ex Facebook). This Plugin not only shows Notification but also it

Development in WordPress Way

Development with WordPress During my first client project. I have gone through a deep code review by senior developers and I learned a lot from that. here we Go … As WordPress itself have a PHP base so Sometimes our search and development flow reach us to PHP code. which is not bad at all to use PHP functions or sometimes to

5 cool chrome extension for developers

Chrome extension for programmers Although there are many extension in google chrome that is helpful for developers. but I am going to share Five of such extension which mostly used by developers during development. So following list of Five Cool Chrome extension for developers. that will change a way of development for some instant.   Grammarly