How to get SSL Certificate FREE of cost for your website (HTTPS)?

Nowadays security is a big concern over the internet. Secure websites build visitor trust and search engines give more value to Secure websites. 

Do you know? your website is secure or not.
In this article, we will learn

How to know if your website is secure or not?

If you visit your website and this warning appears in the browser.

Not Secure Website

What do you think, how it will affect your customer’s mentality?
Do you think they will continue to buy what they were buying? 

Probably not and there will not be a few people who think the same. almost 82% of customer hits the close button.

Now the big question arises.
How do you protect your customers and gain their trust?

You can do that with a security technology SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) that is commonly used to secure server to browser transactions.


What is an SSL certificate?

all of the information on the Internet is basically transferred from one location to another location in a protocol called HTTP which stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTP by itself is unprotected and not secure. many hacker target websites that using HTTP
So a technology call SSL or Secure Sockets Layer was developed to protect the information traveling on the internet. 

when HTTP is being projected by SSL. It inherits the letter S which means it’s secure.

Secure website

You can read more on What are HTTP and HTTPS.

Why is it important for your website?

SSL( Secure Sockets Layer) is not only helpful for building a secure connection between the browser and the Web Server but also it has many other benefits listed below.

SSL Protects Data by Encryption

SSL provides end to end secure connection between Browser and Web Server.

Let’s say, you are in a coffee shop and using WIFI and you hit with an urge to buy something online.

Without SSL and HTTPS, if you enter your credit card information. This information can be stolen because you are in a public WIFI connection and anybody using that WIFI could be listening to your transaction.

Without encryption, the information is transmitted as text that anybody can read. the way SSL and HTTPS work are by scrambling this information. so that only people can read it with the correct decryption key and not a Hacker.

SSL declare Your Identification

Increase Trust for Visitors

From 2018 SSL has been made mandatory by all browsers. As I have explained above it gives your visitor a sense of trust. They will not hesitate to share their personal data as they get trust. your website will protect it.

SEO Benefits

No doubt, Google has taken a rigid stance to protects the privacy of its consumers.

So In order to build a secure connection for users, In 2014 Google has been given a signal to boost the ranking.

Google giving more priority and upper ranking positions to site with SSL certificates.

So if you don’t have one this is the time to add a Free one.

How do get and install a Free SSL certificate?

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