Buddypress Notification Plugin

This is a news to all BuddyPress lover and Users. I have just uploaded a New and my first plugin in WordPress directory for BuddyPress notification. Buddy Notification Bell User Experience we see the notification on the social network usually comes with some ping alert  (Ex Facebook). This Plugin not only shows Notification but also it […]

Development in WordPress Way

Development with WordPress During my first client project. I have gone through a deep code review by senior developers and I learned a lot from that. here we Go … As WordPress itself have a PHP base so Sometimes our search and development flow reach us to PHP code. which is not bad at all to use PHP functions or sometimes to […]

5 cool chrome extension for developers

Chrome extension for programmers Although there are many extension in google chrome that is helpful for developers. but I am going to share Five of such extension which mostly used by developers during development. So following list of Five Cool Chrome extension for developers. that will change a way of development for some instant.   Grammarly […]

PHP Introduction – PHP Tutorial

PHP Introduction PHP (recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server-side scripting language that runs on the server. It is a widely-used open source programming language for web development. What is PHP ?  PHP is an acronym for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor” PHP is a widely-used, open source scripting language PHP scripts are executed on […]

Loading image

Anyone always get need of loading image to load some content whether you a  Developer + Designer or just a full time Designer. So when we want loading image, always we look for quick fix by Google  search.  instead to make new GIF image. And result we have to adjust on Google search results. 🙁 I found one […]