5 cool chrome extension for developers

Chrome extension for programmers

Although there are many extension in google chrome that is helpful for developers.
but I am going to share Five of such extension which mostly used by developers during development.

So following list of Five Cool Chrome extension for developers. that will change a way of development for some instant.

  1.  Extension Grammarly chrome 
    This chrome extension Check your spelling and grammar as you type. Boost your credibility everywhere you write!
    -> It helps when you writing some response to Client or PM on AC.
    -> It helps when you writing Email.
    -> it is helpful for PM or VPs too.
    -> you can check it here
  2. ApplicationPostman
    Supercharge your API workflow with Postman! Build, test, and document your APIs faster. you can check your custom API response and result in better structure format and
    -> you can check your custom API response and result in better structure format and
    -> you can check your custom API response and result in better structure format and many more.
    -> you can send POST, GET, PUT request to your API.
    -> lots of developer already using it.

    you can check it here

  3. Extension SessionBox
    Using websites with multiple accounts at the same time is made easy. Create an independent tab with a click of a button.
    -> when we need to test site with multiple user functionality, like we do in rtMedia. when we want to check BuddyPress functionality, for Example to check friend request functionality.
    ->  SessionBox help to create multiple session on single browser. simply we can say multiple User login in single browser tab.
    -> very useful you can get it here
  4.  Extension Papier
    Open a new tab and trap your best thoughts. got something in mind? don’t open sublime.
    -> with Papier you can start writing in new chrome tab. it provide a interface to write on new tab in chrome.
    -> sometime it save time when you have something in mind and you want to check that manual again and again.
    -> you can get it here
  5. Extension Website IP
    Simple script which places the IP of the current website in the bottom right.
    -> This one helped me once but I think very useful for @Sys and @Devops team to check site source IP on the browser itself.
    -> very helpful when we working with redirection on site.
    -> you can get it here

    Guy’s still there are many extension that can make our Work easy and fast. If you have the track of any chrome extension that can make work fast. or that is in your use right now please share on the comment.

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