This website is mostly dedicated for WordPress Business owners and People connected with WordPress Field. 


I am Naveen Giri. I am a Senior WordPress Freelance Developer and consultant with more than 5 year of experience in Developing sites, Plugins, Theme in WordPress.

While working as a freelancer from last 2 year. I have seen that most of client not have very much knowledge of WordPress Ecosystem. They usually spend too much money for minor things that can be done easily with the helps of few free plugins.
Few of my client even not clear about their business during early stage.

so through this website I and mine Developers buddies team want to give some advice and suggestion and tips tricks to site owner.

  • which plugins are mostly required on your website?
  • How to Improve your website speed?
  • Few new and helpful plugins
  • My exploration of work and explanation in easy steps
  • How to improve your website SEO in easy steps?
  • How to build your brand without spending much or spend wisely?
  • Latest news from WordPress and How that can affect your business in easy word.

If you are curious to know answers of such questions, Stay tuned!
we are going post similar content here twice a week.

Why Buddydevelopers?

Basically developers usually write technical blogs specific to code.
They even charge for giving advice for business.

Buddy developers posts are written by experienced WordPress Developers. specially targeting business in WordPress. By following such advice you can save your money or get an overview idea of what’s the issue on your website? and How much it can cost you?