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JQuery UI Datepicker range fields

JQuery UI DatePicker

JQuery UI Datepicker is a jQuery Plugin and mostly used option for making date type text field.
JQuery UI Date picker has many functions, event, the trigger that previously build and we can reuse them and do the stuff we want quickly.

I am sure till now you have searched about Date picker, if you are not familiar with it. but still, If you want to know more about Date picker. you can go and check here for detail explanation of other option provided by jQuery UI Date Picker.
In this Article, I am going to give a demo of how to make From and To date range field using jQuery UI Date Picker. 

From and To date Range Field:

Generally, when we want to make a date range field we use datepicker() method of JQuery Datepicker Plugin.

Example. Start Date and End Date of Events.

Here In Start and End Date fields, we have to make sure several things in order to make it perfect.
One point to consider is End Date can’t be less than Start Date.
If we can enter End Date to be less than the Start date of Event in the field. that means we have Bug in our code.
Hope so, my Example below will clear your doubt and helps you to make date range fields.

Demo Example with a solution:


I hope it’s clear how easy to make the Date range field work perfect. If you have any comment or question, I would be happy to answer them in the comment box below.

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