Get Upto 5000+ User traffic on your website with WordPress

Get Upto 5000+ User traffic on your website with WordPress


April 19, 2019

WordPress now powers 33.6 percent of the web, according to data from web technology survey firm W3Techs.

Don’t you think thats Interesting figure. 33% of business has chosen WordPress as their base for Website.

If your website is not yet in WordPress this blog is for you. I am going to explain How WordPress can help you to get around 5000+ per month Traffic initially on your site.

Why WordPress?

Good Question! often people ask similar question when they get asked for moving there website in WordPress.
I will describe here why WordPress is better for your website.

There are several reasons why WordPress is best.

  • WordPress Is Free & Open Source
  • WordPress Is 99 % SEO Friendly [Acc. to Google]
  • WordPress Is Easy to Use and Customise
  • Large Community Helps In Troubleshooting
  • WordPress Is Secure Enough
  • It’s Getting Exponentially Better in each version

these several why’s make WordPress standalone for Website Development.

How to get more traffic with WordPress

WordPress is easy for development and customization. You can Create Any Website With WordPress

Whether you want to make E-commerce site or a Membership site, a Forum, a Social Network, News, Blog, Hotel Website.
You will get N-Numbers of themes and plugins on and even few with a more exciting feature on Envato market.

Good Content

In order to get more traffic on the Website. It has to have Good content and SEO to comes up on search results.
Good content is the one add values to someone’s life. So try to give it that others need.

Marketing your Business and SEO of WordPress Website can bring traffic. but the only thing can make it worth is your content. So create good and helpful content for your visitors that will make them engaged with your site.

writing content is easy in WordPress with Gutenberg. Few people still love classic editor and it becomes a mysterious question sometimesWriting content is easy on WordPress with Gutenberg or Classic editor?

Gutenberg is the future and few think it is hard to use. I love both. Classic editor because I am used to it and Gutenberg because to me it is really easy to use. even this blog post I am writing in Gutenberg editor.

Easy SEO

WordPress is already SEO friendly and many sites rank up on google because of their WordPress as a Website base.
Usually doing SEO is hard in other platform and you have to hire someone who is professional.

But WordPress has a widely used Plugin called Yoast SEO
with 5+ Million active installations.

Most of WordPress website choose to use Yoast SEO as standalone plugin for SEO.

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