How to convert the Geodirectory add listing form into a multi-step form?

If you are creating a directory site using the Geodirectory WordPress plugin or if you already have one. You know that Geodirectory provides you with an inbuilt form for Adding a Listing. If this form has lots of fields, it becomes boring for the site user to fill it up and they often leave it without completing it.
To deal with this case, converting the long form into a multi-step form along with tracking each step can help the user to engage with the form physiologically. In this article, we will have a look at how you can convert the Geodirectory add listing form into a multi-step form.

Based on our customer’s requirements, we have managed to provide it in a WordPress plugin.

Free Version

The plugin has a Free version, which you can download from the below link.
Download Geodirectory Stepwise Add Listing Dorm

This Free version provides you with a default style.

You can check in the below video how this style looks.

Pro Version

The plugin also has a pro version. In the pro version, you will see a few more style options for the add listing form of Geodirectory.

In the below video, you can check how the slider style of the plugin can change the add listing form look.

You can download the pro version of the Stepwise add listing form from the link below.
Download Geodirectory Stepwise Add Listing Form Pro
You can also download it from the plugin settings. if you are already using the free version

How to install the plugin?

You can install this plugin like other WordPress plugins. You can follow the below steps to install the plugin.

  1. Buy the plugin from here Free of cost
  2. You will get a download link
  3. Import the zip in the plugin section
  4. You will see a tab in the Admin menu with the name Stepwise Forms. You can select the form style there.

How to Setup the plugin?

Other instructions can be followed in the below video