How to Internationalize Your WordPress Plugin

The WordPress developer should always make their plugin Internationalize to automatically translatable.  In this article, I will explain to you, How to Internationalize Your WordPress Plugin? That can be used in different languages WordPress site.
Read and Follow the step by step guide to building an Internationalize WordPress Plugin.


Why Internationlization?


If there are various other WordPress Plugin available that help us to translate our site to another language then why one more step for developers to make plugin Internationalization? Why we need it?


Nowadays there are various plugin available to make a multilanguage site


1. Polylang




3. qTranslate X


4. xili-language


5. Google Language Translator


But this is generally an extra step taken by the site owner. when there is no translation available for a string of a plugin that is been used on site.


So Its Standard for a Good WordPress Developer that he should add his plugin translation whether it is a plugin or whether for any client.
This one step will make your plugin user life easy.


How to Internationalize WordPress Plugin


There are few steps we will have to take as a WordPress developer when developing a WordPress Plugin.


  • Add Text Domain in the Plugin
  • Wrap all plugin string in translatable functions
  • Add language folder and specify path of that language folder in plugin Domain path
  • Add .po, .mo and .pot file of your plugin translation in your that language folder


WordPress Plugin Internationalization series


Below is the video series of WordPress Plugin Internationalisation that will help you with a live example to make an Internationalize WordPress Plugin.
Follow the video series to make your plugin Work on any language WordPress Site.


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