How to Plan Your Day Effectively

How to Plan Your Day Effectively

We always weak up in morning with full of physical and mental energy. But as we go with our day we feel lost, tired, washed up.

Why? Why?  Why? ……

Ans:  It is only because we not organize our day properly.  
Not agree with me? Let me explain you …..

What is Mind ?

Our Mind not made to hold the information like a hard disk.

Memory is not a hard disk

It made to processes the things Like a RAM.

Memory is like a ram - Buddydevelopers
Human Memory is like a Ram


So When we open multiple Application in it. Our mind becomes slower.
Tired Mind By BuddyDevelopers

And results
Anger….  Stress…  Depression ….

So till evening our status either look calm like

for someone, it’s like  Super HOT

Now I am going to tell you reason and solution to overcome this problem.

Generally, in morning we start opening many applications in our mind like what to eat? where to go, friends birthday, party, office work, social media and much more….
And result, our mind starts processing all these work and we not able to maintain effectiveness for the day and at the end, we look as described in above pictures.

Now I am going to tell you the  way to go from Om to OMG


How to Plan Your Day Effectively?

To the plan an effective and productive day. Sit for 15 min and follow following five steps.

  • Collection
    Collect all information for the day and upcoming events.  Write down all you task for the day in a paper. 
    In short, make a list of your daily goals.
  • Processing
    Write down a suggesting solution for your task. How you can handle that task or what is that you can do to complete that task. 
  • Organize
    Now it’s time to organize your list and prioritize your daily task. Organize then based on the importance of the task. Which is more important do it first.
  • Review
    Now the time to review the list once again and do the required changes if anything you missed.
  • Do IT
    Yes, Now the time to do the work as per list.
    After making this list take it seriously. if you want to do some fun or take a break. you should mention that too in your task. do the work as per task priority list.

Now at the End Commitment to do the work. Believe me, it works just follow it for few days and see the changes in your like.


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