Start Stop Youtube Video with External Buttons

In This Article you will get a easy way to start and stop youtube video with external link/button click. But before that let see ..

How to add Youtube video in HTML?

Implementing Youtube videos on HTML web page is an easy task.
Just copy paste Embed link of youtube video on your HTML page

Copy this Frame code and you can Adjust these parameters.

Start Stop Youtube Video on External Link Click

Sometimes we get the specific requirement to start and stop this Youtube video on external link click.
You can consider the example of Youtube video slider.
In Such slider, sometimes we have to start and stop youtube videos on next and prev button click.

Although we have Youtube Developer API Handling such cases is very easy

But sometimes when we are in hurry, We don’t prefer to look these kinds of lengthy code

Here we have a Small Demo of Start and Stop Youtube Video with external button click

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