Think of software development career as your business

Think of software development career as your business


April 25, 2018

you may be a Developer, Designer, SEO Guy, or Digital Marketing person for an Employer or a company. Have you ever think of your career with business Mindset.

Business Mindset for Career

It is a Psychological effect that will turn your perception of viewing your professional life and will make you more productive than ever. It will build you from insider in all aspect like a pro.

Employer is a Valuable Client

If you working for a company as an Employee, think of your career with a business mindset. Instead of considering your career as serving to an Employer or a Particular Company, consider the company or employer like your Client. You can serve to multiple clients and earn more. you can consider your employer as the Most paying customer and give him more of your time.

Build Your Business skills

Now you have set your Business mindset that your development career is your business. Now in order to attract Best client out in the market, You will have to improve your business skill based on those Best clients criteria. Now Daily work on your skills not only in development prospective like learning a new language or designing some cool stuff but in all around the way like a PRO. If you are Developer. Don’t just think coding is your zone. As a Businessman, you have to be master in all the possible options out there for you. Make a list of those options your Client(Employer) looking for and work hard to be Master in those skills. You have to be the Best in all the Business around you. It will take some time like all other good habits to form. But I am sure this mindset will work for you. You will see a Big change in your way to look your stressful work. It will helps you to be Proactive and productive. It will improve you not just as a Developer or a Designer, You will try to learn more because you want to have Best Clients out there. The above top and Idea I got from an Interesting book for Software Developers. Really after reading this book, I got to realize that it is really a Life manual for Developers.  

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