Buddy Notification Bell 1.0.2

Greeting..! After long wait Buddy Notification Bell version 1.0.2 has been launched today. Please Update your plugin and enjoy the latest piece of code. Happy New Year 2020 I hope all of Buddy Notification Bell users have enjoyed there 31st Party. We want to greet you a Happy and Prosperous New Year. be Happy, be […]

All about WordPress Post Revisions

WordPress comes with a built-in feature that allows you to undo changes and go back to a previous version of a post or pages? This feature is called Post Revisions and in this post, we going to learn All about WordPress Post Revisions What is WordPress revision Importance of WordPress post revision How to use […]

How To Install Git on Ubuntu Machine

Introduction How to Install Git on Ubuntu is necessary requirement of a beginner LAMP Developer. Git is a version control System. Git helps you to manage your application code at source level. You can track changes, revert to previous stages, and branch to create alternate versions of files and directories. In this guide we will […]

Buddypress Notification Plugin

This is a news to all BuddyPress lover and Users. I have just uploaded a New and my first plugin in WordPress directory for BuddyPress notification. Buddy Notification Bell User Experience we see the notification on the social network usually comes with some ping alert  (Ex Facebook). This Plugin not only shows Notification but also it […]

Custom popup with css and jQuery

How to make Custom popup with css and jQuery ? To show popup we every time used jQuery( popup ) like : BJQS, FANCY BOX etc external libraries. sometime these libraries  are very much large or with many unwanted stuff. so question comes, what to do at that time when we want simple popup? It’s […]