How to create a Directory website using Divi theme and Geodirectory – Step by Step

Since you are checking this blog post, I am sure you already know about the Geodirectory and Divi. In this blog post, I will give a demonstration of how you can build a directory site using Geodirectory and Divi themes.

Divi is the most popular and paid theme.

1. Install WordPress with the Divi theme

2. Setup Geodirectory plugin

3. Customize Geodirectory Listing Detail templates using Divi builder

4. Customize Geodirectory Archive templates using Divi builder

If you are not yet sure or if you are familiar with the Elementor page builder. You can check How to create a Directory website using Elementor and Geodirectory – Step by Step.

Or If you are still not happy. checkout Top 5 ways to create a Directory site in WordPress.

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