Geodirectory Download Photos


GD Download Photo

This is a one-time payment and Lifetime support plugin.

The Geodirectory download photos plugin is an addon of the Geoodirectory plugin in WordPress. It allows the user to download any listing-specific photos if download photos are enabled for the listing.

How to install this plugin?

● Upload the plugin zip file from add new plugin section in WordPress.
● Activate the plugin
● add the new custom field Allow download photos for the CPT.



  • Setting to enable/disable download photos functionality for the listing


  • Add download photos functionality for bootstrap design


  • Add download photos functionality

How it works

After activating this plugin. you will find a download icon for photos inside the Photos tab of any listing.


  • Check the Detail page of any listing
  • Click on the Photos tab
  • Click on the download icon to download the photo



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