Send a message to the listing author without leaving the site – Buddy Geodirectory Messages

In the world of online directories, user engagement is the key to success.
The more time users will spend on your site the more chances you have to earn money. In this blog post, we are introducing you to our new plugin that will attract users to your website again and again and it will increase the site user engagement.

The Problem with Traditional Forms

Geodirectory offers support with Ninja form to contact a Listing owner using emails. Recently we have also created a guide on How to use Gravity form with the Geodirectory.
The disadvantage of this, it decreases your site user engagement.

While Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms serve their purposes, they indirectly send users away from your site. Redirecting users to their email platform reduces the chances of users coming back to the website again. Considering this in mind, we found a solution that keeps the conversation right where it belongs – on your listing site.

Introducing Buddy GD Messages

The Buddy GD Messages is an awesome plugin that seamlessly connects Geodirectory with the feature-rich Better Messages plugin. With the help of the Buddy GD Messages plugin users can engage in real-time conversations, initiate calls, and conduct video chats with the listing owner – all without leaving the site.

Key Features of Buddy GD Messages

  1. Real-Time Conversations with Listing Author: Enable users to communicate instantly with the listing owner, and promote a sense of connection and responsiveness.
  2. Private Chat: It helps to have one-on-one conversations, allowing users to discuss specific details or ask questions directly with the listing author.
  3. Video and Audio Calls: Elevate user experience with private video and audio calls, providing a personalized touch to online interactions with the listing author.
  4. Seamless Integration: The Buddy GD Messages is easy to integrate with your Geodirectory Listing website.

Proven Results

We’ve tested the Buddy GD Messages with some of our clients, and the results have been nothing short of impressive. The response and user engagement levels have increased a lot.

How to Get Started

Activating Buddy GD Messages on your website is easy.

● Buy the plugin from here.
● Upload the plugin zip file from the add new plugin section in WordPress.
● Activate the plugin
● Go to the settings page of the plugin (you can find it by name GD Messages)
● Use the “Geodirectory Messages” Block in the GD Detail or GD Archive item page template. It will provide a send message button.