How to create a directory site in WordPress? – Step-by-Step Guide

One of my clients earns monthly approx $3000 USD from his Directory listing website. he said he hardly put in 5-10 hours weekly on that site work.

I am sure you have used a Directory site before. These are a few popular ones that most people know YelpYellow Pages, and eBay

Directory sites have demand on the internet if they are niche-specific and categories. This kind of unique website has a lot of potential for monetization and earning. I have seen many people have ideas for the Directory site but they find it hard to execute them.

In this post, you will get a step-by-step insight on How to create a directory site in WordPress.

Step 1: Choose a Niche

Choosing a niche is important when you planning to create a directory site. There are already big fish working in the Directory business and you can’t compete with them directly.

So you can select a specific niche and be the best in that.

Example: Restaurants in New York, Lawyers in LA

Step 2: Buy a domain and Hosting

You will need a Domain and Hosting to build your directory site.

I will suggest Hostinger because it has many options, tools, and the best Hosting support so far.

I am also using it for all my websites.

Step 3: Setup WordPress

Hostinger has a prebuild Auto Installer tool that will help you to install WordPress and set it up on your domain name.

Step 4: Install a Directory Plugin

Now that you have a WordPress website ready. It is time to install a Directory plugin.

There are many options available but not all are scalable. So I have created a list of the Top 5 ways to create a Directory site in WordPress.

I personally choose the Geodirectory plugin for my clients. Because this plugin fulfills almost all the requirements of a Directory listing site.

You can check

How to create a directory site in WordPress using WP Geodirectory – Step-by-Step Guide

How to create a Directory website using Divi theme and Geodirectory – Step by Step

How to create a Directory website using Elementor and Geodirectory – Step by Step

Step 5: Create and Import data

Now the time is to create data for the listing site. You can either create it manually (which will require lots of free time) OR Import them with a CSV file.

Geodirectory provides you the option to import the CSV file. You can check the below video to know how to import it.

Step 6: Earn money

Now that the Directory site is all set up, you can focus on marketing it and earning money from it.

while you have a good sleep

You can read this article which explained it in detail 8+ Ways to Monetize a Directory Website.

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